Monday, 30 June 2008


It is always an immense pleasure to meet Mestre Acordeon. He brings an incredible energy with him and never tires of sharing it. Everybody wants a piece of him and he unquestioningly gives it with knowing sincerity and.. humour. At the end of the event ( after a solid two hours on the Berimbau) he pulled up a table and two chairs, sat in one and invited the photo moments to begin. A media maelstrom began and he engaged in photogenic fun with virtually every aluno in the massive event. Here's my proud 10 seconds with the man who gave me my first lesons in Capoeira even before I had begun classes, via his magical book - Capoeira, A Brazilian Art Form.

Unfortunately I was not able to attend his opening class but this is what my friend Nick recounted to me afterwards.
  • Students: Mestre Acordeon, how do you create your own style?
  • Mestre Acordeon: Do what your Master tells you and try as hard as you can to follow that exactly. When you have done that for years and got the movements perfect then your own style will be unable to do anything but shine through. If you start trying to put your own style in from the outset you can go very wrong (said with a wry smile on his face).
Mestre Acordeon is a student of the now deceased Mestre Bimba, the creator of Capoeira Regional. Mestre Acordeon has written several books on capoeira in English and Portuguese. He is also a celebrated musician and composer who pushes the boundaries of capoeira music, often working together with other renowned mestres such as Mestre Suassuna to make music that is truly beautiful.

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wee said...

I'm absolutely agree 100% for what you said about Mestre Acordeon, so glad that I was lucky enough to join his workshop once...anyway never know you've a blog now ^^ , see ya later! take care

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Cool! You started a blog. Where are the posts? I'll help out with the links.

I'd fascinated with this martial arts and plan to take it up soon.